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Delegate List

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Table Last Revised:7/30/2014

On May 21, 2007, President Elson Floyd signed an Instrument of Ratification and Acceptance of Delegations of Authority.  This instrument affirms and ratifies all current, valid delegations made by President Rawlins.

The specific scope of delegated authority to sign contracts differs for each individual (i.e. amount, type of contract, etc.); therefore it is necessary to view each letter to determine the scope of contract authority.  Below is a current list of Delegated Contractual Authority.



AMES, Bob Purchasing
ARGERSINGER, Jana College of Arts & Sciences, English Department
BARNARD, Dawn Information Systems
BERNARDO, Daniel Office of the Provost
BOSTON, Terry Administrative Services
BOWE, Margaret WSU Vancouver
BOYES, Pat WSU 4-H Extension
BRUCE, Chris Museum of Art
BURRITT, Jeanne WSU Mount Vernon NWREC
CARR, Nancy WSU Tri-Cities
CHERMAK, Gail Speech and Hearing Sciences
COOK, Jennifer Online Administration/Global Campus
COX, Deborah WSU Spokane
COYNE, Joseph Health Policy and Administration
CRAFT, Rebecca Psychology
CUMMINGS, Joel Libraries
DALTON, James WSU Spokane
DAVISON, Heather Finance and Administration
EIDE, Phyllis College of Nursing
ELBRACHT, Jeff University Recreation
ELY, Terry Controller's Office
ERDMAN, Phyllis College of Education
FATLAND, Anson Economic Development and External Affairs
FLOYD, Elson S. President
GATES, Brian Pharmacy
GREENE, Joanne University Recreation
GROPP, Patty Purchasing
HARDESTY, Dan Finance and Administration
HILL, Laura Human Development
HOYT, Chris Finance and Administration
JACOBSEN, Desiree Office of the President
JOHNSON, Kerry  Purchasing 
JOHNSON, Leslie Intercollegiate Athletics
JOHNSTON, Barry  Finance and Administration 
KEANE, Christopher Office of Research
KELLERMAN, Karen Controller's Office
KLEFFNER, Matt Athletics
KLINE, Joe Capital Planning and Development
KLUZIK, Michael Office of Research Assurances
LAVIELLE, Michael S. Facilities Operations
LITTLE, Leslie University Publishing
LOERA, Lucila Dean of Students, Office of 
MALCOLM, Mike College of Veterinary Medicine
McCOY, Anne Intercollegiate Athletics
McSWEENEY, Frances Provost Office 
MOOS, Bill Athletics
NORDQUIST, Dan  Office of Grant & Research Development
OWEN, Amanda N. Finance and Administration
PAPIESE, Paul Purchasing
PAPPU, Sita Office of Commercialization
PATTERSON, Roger Finance and Administration
PICCIOTTO, Gil WSU Foundation
POESY, Randal Purchasing
ROBINSON, Carol Libraries 
ROGERS, Eric  Purchasing
ROLL, John WSU Spokane
ROVETTO, David Purchasing
SALA, Edward University Publishing
SHROPE, Nancy Office of Grant & Research Development 
SHUFFIELD, Brian Student Involvement and Leadership
SMALL, Kim Controller's Office
TATTERSHALL, Robert Housing & Conference Services
TAYLOR, Melvin Real Estate Operations & External Relations
THOMPSON, Leslie Global Campus
VALENTER, Lynn  WSU Vancouver 
VERTREES, Bill Capital Projects
WARD, Kelly Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology
YANG, Olivia Facilities Services
YORK, Janet Online Administration/Global Campus 


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