Washington State University

Interlocal and Interagency Agreements

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 In compliance with RCW 39.34.040, WSU is posting the following Interlocal and other related agreements.

Updated 1/17/2017 - SB




224 City of Pullman Agreement Relating to Proration of Capitol and Operating Costs of the Pullman Wastewater Treatment Plant
11473 Education Service District #112 Supply services of Anne Kennedy
12228 Adams County For services of William Schillinger
12453 Washington State Community College District No. 17 Provide services through Insitute for Extended Learning (IEL)
12898 Chelan County Fire Protection District No. 1 Fire Protection and other services
13065 Washington State Patrol Use of emergency communications system
13301 Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Insititue (SIRTI) Custodial, grounds maintenance, security and building maintenance services
13463 Clark College Health Services Provide students at WSUV access to CCHS
13756 City of Pullman Joint Fire Services
13842 Skagit Vallege College Creation of Learning Center
13876 Tacoma Housing Authority Establish Learning Center
13901 Washington State Patrol Apple-Cup Security
13920 Tacoma School District #10 Personal welfare education to low-income families through WSU's Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program
14051 Spokane Intercollegiate Research & Technology Institute (SIRTI) Perform general administrative services to SIRTI
14205 Clark County, Department of Public Works  
14253 Spokane Intercollegiate Research & Technology Institute (SIRTI)  Provide library services
14341 Washington State Department of Personnel Employee Assistance Programs to WSU (2005-2007)

State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services

Provide employee assistance services to WSU employees
14536 Vancouver PD, Battle Ground PD, City of Portland, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Gresham PD, Washington County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Assistance
14599 Skagit County Public Facility Project Funding
14630 University of Idaho Use of gas chromotograph-mass spectrometer research instrument           
14641 Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife Vehicle Loan
14676 Whitman County Enhanced 911Emergency Communications
14684 Washington State Department of Health  Deliver environmental health services at local WSU facilities
14729 Montana State University Improvement of Life Skills Evaluation System
14743 Washington Sea Grant Program Deliver marine water quality education
14745 Vancouver School District #37 Teaching services
14784 WA Department of Agriculture Provide funding for equipment for Avian Health Laboratory
14810 Vancouver School District No. 37 Provide cooperative arrangement for School Nurse
14838 WA Department of Transportation Data Sharing
14841 Eastern Washington University Providing facilities for faculty
14879 City of Pullman Campus Shuttle Feasibility Study Grant Funding
15010 Vancouver Police Department Perform analysis on data
15033 City of Vancouver, Clark County, Southwest Clean Air Agency Fund and oversee Environmental Information Cooperative
15035 Skagit County Public project funding
15037 Whitman County Department of Public Health Enforcement of Chapters 60 & 70 RCW and Chapter 246 WAC
15093 Washington State Arts Commission Acquisition of Artwork
15094 Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee Joint cooperation on water issues and problems
15110 Seattle Public School District 1 Produce video
15851 Washington State Department of Licensing Provide public record information on vehicles and/or vessels
15973 Clark College Shared facilities and resources
15980 Washington Horse Racing Commission Regulation of parimutuel horse racing and improvement of equine health
15996 Lower Columbia College Shared facilities and resources
16016 City of Pullman City of Pullman Waste Water Treatment Plant
16067 City of Pullman Fire and emergency medical protection serivces
16257 University of Washington Provide telephone service
16351 Richland School District Use of WSU campus by Hanford High School (for football, baseball fields & track)
16435 State of Nevada Diagnostic Testing of fish
16435 State of Nevada, Department of Wildlife Diagnostic Testing of fish (renewal)
16876 Spokane Community College Provide limited health care services to the student body of SCC
16908 University of Washington Set out general framework for cooperations between CFR & CAHNRS
16999 Washington State Department of Agriculture Waste pesticide collection
17024 Bellevue Community College Sponsorship of a consortium of higher education participants
17060 Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Develop and administer testing services to assess and certify L&I bilingual employees' spanish language communication skills
17194 University of Idaho Provide representation for the FST department and to administer and manage departmental programs, budgets, faculty and staff on UI campus
17232 University of Idaho Transportation services
17249 State of Washington Department of Information Services Establish technical facility provided by WSU to DIS
17277 Eastern Washington University Provide automated notification system to EWU 
17296 Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs Provide readjustment counseling to eligible veterans and their family members
17318 Department of General Administration Creation of a WSU-POS Team
17438 Skagit County Mediation & Facilitation Services Provide 42 hours of Faciliation Training Program
17486 Whitman County Sheriffs Office (2012-2013 Agreement) Provide law enforcement to support the WSU Police Department in crowd management and control during WSU home football and men's home basketball games
17486 Whitman County Sheriff's Office (2015-2016 Agreement) Provide law enforcement to support the WSU Police Department in crowd management and control during WSU home football and men's home basketball games
17486 Colfax Police Department Provide law enforcement to support the WSU Police Department in crowd management and control during WSU athletic events
17507 City of Puyallup Retrofit obsolete stormwater infrastructures ate WSU's Puyallup Center
17512 Whitman County Sheriff & WHITCOM After Hours Hit Confirmation Verification
17553 Central Washington University Provide Web hosting, maintenance, and updates for the Washington Coalition
17598 City of Olympia, LOTT Alliance, Port of Olympia, Thurston County Development of an action plan for Bud Inlet Restoration Activities
17723 Western Washington University Research project
17742 Western Washington University Provide professional expertise and training services
17771 Eastern Washington University - part 1  part 2 Obligations of the parties for WSU WWAMI Program
17902 Whitman county Fire Protection District No. 12 Fire protection and emergency medical services to WSU
18041 University of Idaho Interlocal Agreement - use of vehicle for Jazz Festival
18042 South Puget Sound Community College Provide instructional services
18124 University of Washington: WWAMI UW to lease from WSU four offices for use by UW in offering the WWAMI Program on the WSU Spokane Campus
18146 Community Colleges of Spokane Provide 16-hour training seminar
18149 Chelan County Funding for 4-H Program
18507 Whitman County Department of Public Health Joint responsibilities in enforcement of RCW 69 and WAC 246
18570 State of Washington, Office of the Secretary Amendment No.1 to the disaster revocery storage service
18618 Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Fuel Mix Disclosure System
18619 State of Washington Department of Ecology Fuel Mix Disclosure System
18629 Washington State Employment Security Department Provide analysis and report writing services related to the work of ESD in conducting survey
18680 Olympic College, Bremerton Offer the third and fourth year of WSU's bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
18689 Washington State Community College District 17 Provide training seminar entitled Franklin Coveys Seven Habits for Managers
18690 Columbia Basin College Provide training for WSU's Literacy and Educational pathways for Latino Child Care Providers Program
18692 Department of Natural Resources Reimbursement to the Cooperator for services of a trainer - Western Washington Stewardship Forester
18806 Washington State Arts Commission Administration and management of state art collection
18815 Washington State Department of Agriculture Allocation of Fair Funds per RCW 15.76
18847 Whitman County Conservation District Continue and expand the Whitman County Conservation District education and info about natural resources to grades 5, 9-12
18848 Lewis Soil Conservation District Provide hands on educational programs for youth in Lewis County on Soil, Water and other natural resources
18881 Benton County Franchise Agreement for Irrigation
18887 Eastern Washington State Historical Society dba Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture Joint employmnet of Mr. Muchael Holloman
18888 Chelan County Extensions System - Military Collaboration Communications and Outreach
18905 State of Washington, Office of the Secretary of the State Administration of Combined Charities Campaign Fund Drive
18907 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators - Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education WSU to Host Northwest LGBT Leadership Conference
18937 Washington State Department of Transportation Shuksan Maintenance Facility - hydroelectric facility
19049 Educational Services District 112 Interlocal Agreement for community services between Educational Services District 112 and WSU SESRC
19049 Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board WTECB Aerospace Survey Phone Outreach
19049 Employment Security Department Interagency Agreement for a single training session to EWSD staff on proven survey methods, statistical tools and best prectices.
19049 Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee 2 8hr Training Sessions for JLARC staff
19049 Washington State Department of Transportation Online Public Transportation Summary Project
19103 Washington Traffic Safety Commission Provide overtime funding to law enforcement agencies to coduct multijurisdictional, high visibility enforcement, traffic safety emphasis patrols, and Target Zero Team patrols in support of Target Zero priorities
19112 Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport, Port of Whitman Contribution and Funding Agreements
19145 University of Washington Contribute to Washington State's Nursing Workforce
19150 Zimride Interagency agreement for Zimride to provide transportation for UI and WSU staff, faculty and student transportation
19155 Eastern Washington University Pharmacy to use EWU Simulation Manikin
19166 Washington State Department of Licensing Use DOL Information System
19284 Centralia College Sustainability and Workforce Development in the Energy Industry
19293 Washington State Department of Agriculture Organize, promote, manage and provide curriculum and two speakers for each three WSDA safety meeting
19301 State of Washington Auditor's Office Expertise regarding project: Energy Independence Act Audit of Utilities Renewable Energy and Conservation Project
19302 Nevada Department of Wildlife Annual terrestrial wildlife surveillance and diagnostic services
19308 Council of Presidents Employment of Jane Sherman
19323 Washington State Department of Licensing Create Cost Allocation Model
19338 Region VIII Educations Service Center Volume Purchasing through The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS)
19344 Utah State University Cooperative Program in Veterinary medical Education
19373 Washington State Institutions of Higher Education Information Sharing
19519 Green River Community College Project: Skill Standards for Professional-Technical College Instructors
19520 Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs Conference Management services
19535 City of Richland Development of an outdoor stage
19554 Commission on Hispanic Affairs Sponsorship of  for Spanish radio program
19585 Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Assess steam generation system at Rainier School facility
19622 City of Pullman Pullman NPDES Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit
19688 Thurston Conservation District Conduct Dairy Farm Assessment
19689 South Yakima Conservation District Conduct Dairy Farm Assessment
19723 Spokane Public School District No. 81 and Spokane Regional Health District Weaving Bright Futures Program
19725 Snohomish Conservation District Laboratory services
19790 Everett Community College Bachelor of Science program in mechanical Engineering
19796 Vancouver Clinic provide leadership and business skill workshop tailored to vendors
19880 The Economic Development Association of Skagit County Assistance for the Financial Health of Latino Businesses (ASFINLA)
19910 City of Pullman Share cost of preparation of feasibility study
19912 Quincy Police Department and Quincy Animal Shelter Provide teaching purposes with dogs at shelter
19925 Washington State Auditors Office Provide energy-industry subject matter expertise
19928 Washington State Department of Agriculture Reimbursement for Farm Teams Project
19929 Washington State Department of Transportation Preconstruction of services for a lighting retrofit project
20025 Washington State Employment Secruity Department Provide analysis of biomass and solar industries SB5951
20027 Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Energy Audit
20151 Everett Community College Videoconferenceing support to WSU
20220 State of Oregon, State Board of Higher Education, Oregon State University Provide service to David Granatstein and the International Organic Fruit Symposium
20253 Highline Community College Interagency Agreement with Highline Community College
20355 North Carolina State University Provide funding in support of the doctoral/graduate training for PhD graduate Student, Dr. Josh Stern.
20358 Cowlitz County Interagency Agreement for office space use in Longview
20363 Washington State Auditor's Office

Interagency agreement to provide Financial Services for the University

20434 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Reimburse travel expenses for Jennifer Andreas to Speak at a meeting at Wenatchee Convention Center, nov 27, 2012


Muckleshoot Tribe

Provide Energy Usage Consolidation services to tribe for their ongoing energy consumption tracking and project planning.


University of Washington

Interagency Agreement to hire a Development Office for a combined fundraising effort for WWAMI


Washington State House of Representatives

Purpose is to provide reimbursement to WSU for salary and benefits payments to Mr. Jake Fey


University of Idaho/Oregon State University

Interagency Agreement for Academic Services


Washington State Patrol

Interagency Agreement for antenna tower located in Lind Washington


Oregon State University Interagency agreement for contract services.


City of Puyallup/ Ken Harris Interagency Agreement for Dog Haxing of Geese at DeCoursey Pond


The Makah Tribe To improve Community Health and Growing Local Food Systems in Western Clallam and Jefferson Tribal Communities.


University of Idaho

For WSU to reimburse U of I for part of the cost of salary and benefits for the Interim Director of the WWAMI regional medical educational program.



University of Idaho

Purpose is for U of I to reimburse WSU for the cost of the salary and benefits for Dr. Tozer.


U.C. Cesar Ritz

International Business Program Agreement governing the collaborative study abroad program.


Columbia Basin College Purpose is for CBC and WSUTC to form a collaborative effort to provide coordinated bachelor, four-year degree programs and consider innovative educational models for the Tri-Cities.


Washington State Auditor's Office Audit of financial statements as of the fiscal year ending June 30,2014


Georgia Gwinnett College Coordination of all in-person meetins for the NSF EAGER project.


Montana State University Cooperative Program in Veterinary Medical Education


State of Washingtion Department of Ecology Provide the Department of Ecology with fuel mix disclosure database maintenance and operation.


Port of Whitman County For installation, lease and service of fiber optic strands


University of Montana WSU to conduct CNS elemental and stable isotope analysis of University of Montana's grizzly bear hair and blood samples


City of Portland Provide law enforcement at WSU-Vancouver.


Yakima Valley Community College WSU Early Outreach program in colloaboration with YVCC


Port of Vancouver WSU Vancouver College of Business to provide Executive Training Modules


Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe WSU take part in the "Improving Community Helath and Growing Local Food Systems" project


Northeast Washington Education Service District 101 Provide 5 onsite regional half-day crisis training sessions for specified district personnel in the NEWESD 101 region


Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction School Facilities and Organization 2013-15 Energy Grant Program


USDA, APHiS, & WS To conduct wildlife damage management activites to control various nuisance wildlife species to reduce threats and damage.


Everett Community College University Center of North Puget Sound will be managed and administered by WSU on the EvCC campus


Spokane Falls Community College Efficacy of granular and gel baits placed in lab trial colonies


Western Washington University (2014 Agreement)

To provide the necessary personnel, equipment, material and/or services for named on-site program delivery and administrative activities at the University Center of North Puget Sound


Western Washington University (2016 Agreement)

To provide the necessary personnel, equipment, material, and/or services for named on-site program delivery and administration activities at the Everett University Center.


Evergreen State College To provide the necessary personnel, equipment, material and/or services for named on-site program delivery and administrative activities at the University Center of North Puget Sound


Central Washington University To provide the necessary personnel, equipment, material, instruction and/or services for on-site program delivery and administractive activities at the University Center of North Puget Sound


University of Washington To memorialize the terms and conditions under which Don Coerver will provide teaching to Pharmacy students.


Regional Major Crimes Team To provide for the establishment and support of a Regional Major Crimes Team, comprised of a call responsive investigative team


Lincoln Conservation District To provide funds for the execution of the "Soil Quality Testing Encouraging Soil Erosion Mitigation Efforts in Lincoln County


Nez Perce Soil & Water Conservation District To provide funds for the execution of the "Environmental Awareness Days"


Palouse Conservation District To provide funds for the execution of the "Whitman County Partnership for Natural Resources Conservation Education"


Okanogan Conservation District

To provide funds for the "Erosion Demonstration Teaching Tool" project


Northwest Adventure Center JBLM

Two-day camping events for military children


Spokane Public Schools



George Mason University

Agreement to provide supplies, material, equipment or services


WA Department of Transportation

To provide DOL vehicle for authorized purposes


Clallam County

To provide leadership and experiential learning


Cheney Public Schools

Collaborative effort to support the MESA program


University of Idaho

Allow the University of Idaho WWAMI Medical Education Program to continue to use the spaces in Morrill Hall


Lower Columbia College

To provide on-site program in Nursing at LCC


Sound Transit

Cooperative participation in purchasing agreements


State of Arizona Procurement Office

Agreement to facilitate cooperative via use of contracts executed by the State of Arizona


Spokane Falls Community College

Provide funds for SFCC to conduct the inventory of exotic ants in the Pacific Northwest


Community Colleges of Spokane

SCC to research for project "Reducing Children's Exposure to Violence Risk Through Trauma Informed Early Learning"


Kitsap County (2015 Agreement)

Implementation of the CWK Program


Kitsap County (2016 Agreement)

Implementation of the CWK Program


Washington State Department of Natural Resources

To ensure that the Center continues and expands it efforts to foster productive and effective natural resource public policy.


The Washington State Office of the Attorney General

For WSU to develop and provide language proficiency testing services to the AGO to certify identified bilingual job applicants' Spanish language communication skills.


Michigan State University

To work with a graduate student at MSU to conduct a literature review and webinar


Washington State Transportation Improvement Board

WSU to provide professional expertise and training to local agency customers on behalf of TIB


Spokane County

Cooperative Purchasing Agreement


Kitsap County

County to allow usage of facilities to WSU 


United States Air Force ROTC Detachment 905

ROTC to use WSU motor pool vehicles


State of Washington Student Achievement Council

Conference Management services for Pave the Way 2016 Conference


The Children's Reading Foundation

Analysis of existing READY! for Kindergarten program.


Washington Student Achievement Council Gear Up

To provide registration and custom name badges service for the 2016 Gear Up Conference


Washington State Patrol

Provide forensic services for WSU for research blood samples submitted to WSP related to their project.


University of Idaho

Cooperative parking agreement to enhance accessibility


Transportation Improvement Board

WSU to provide professional expertise and training to local agency customers on behalf of TIB


Washington State Office of Financial Management

Support a full time position in the Governor's Legislative Affairs and Policy Office on issues related to rural economic development in Washington State.


Washington State Department of Agriculture

A partnership with WSDA to provide Food Safety Training for stakeholders and industry


University of Washington Bothell

 Terms for providing necessary personnel, equipment, materials, and/or services for named on-site program delivery and administrative activities at the Everett University Center.


Seattle Colleges

Terms and conditions under which WSU will provide technical, financial and pollution reduction consultation to Seattle Central College.




Contracts Office, PO Box 641045, Pullman, WA 99164-1045, 509-335-7223, Contact Us