Washington State University Delegate List

Delegate List

Table Last Revised: 7/21/2017 AT

On June 13, 2016, President Kirk H. Schulz signed an Instrument of Ratification and Acceptance of Delegations of Authority. This instrument accepts, affirms and ratifies all current, valid delegations made by Interim President Dr. Daniel J. Bernardo.

The specific scope of delegated authority to sign contracts differs for each individual (i.e. amount, type of contract, etc.); therefore it is necessary to view each letter to determine the scope of contract authority. Below is a current list of Delegated Contractual Authority.

Sponsored Programs Services
AMES, BobPurchasing Service
APPEL, MichaelFinance and Operations, WSU Vancouver
ARGERSINGER, JanaCollege of Arts & Sciences, English Department
ASKEW, E. BennettIntercollegiate Athletics
BARNARD, DawnInformation Systems
BERNARDO, DanielOffice of the Provost
BOSTON, TerryAdministrative Services, Division of Student Affairs
BRINKER, DebraCollege of Nursing
BROWN, DerekOffice of Research Support and Operations
CHAUDHRY, AsifInternational Programs
CHARLO, CherraUniversity Communications
CHERMAK, GailSpeech and Hearing Sciences
COOK, JenniferAcademic Outreach and Innovation / Global Campus
COX, DeborahOffice of Grant and Research Development, WSU Spokane
CUMMINGS, JoelLibraries
DAVISON, HeatherFinance and Administration, Contracts Office
DUNCAN, GlenNutrition and Exercise Physiology
EAKER, GretchenFinance Office, WSU Spokane
ELBRACHT, JeffUniversity Recreation
ERDMAN, PhyllisCollege of Education
FREI, MaryOffice of Research
FINKBEINER, WendiBusiness Services, WSU Tri-Cities
GOODELL, RyanReal Estate Office
GRAISY, JoshController's Office, Sponsored Programs Services
GREENE, JoanneUniversity Recreation
GROPP, PattyPurchasing Services
HILL, LauraCAHNRS, Human Development
HOYT, ChristinePresident's Office
JACOBSEN, DesireePresident's Office
JOHNSON, Kerry Purchasing Services
JUTTE, Sandy Controller's Office, Sponsored Program Services
KEANE, ChristopherOffice of Research
KELLERMAN, KarenController's Office, Treasury Management
KENNEDY, JaeHealth Policy and Administration
KLEFFNER, MattIntercollegiate Athletics
KLINE, JoeCapital Planning and Development
KLUZIK, MichaelOffice of Research Assurances
KOWALSKI, KamiController's Office, Sponsored Programs Services
KRUSE, SharonCollege of Education
LAVIELLE, Michael S.Facilities Operations
LOERA, LucilaStudent Affairs
MARCELO, MarvinNorthwest Public Radio and Television
MARCUS, DavidDepartment of Psychology
MARTINEZ, MichelleCollege of Veterinary Medicine
MCCOY, AnneIntercollegiate Athletics
MURRAY, VictoriaFinance and Administration
NEUMILLER, JoshuaCollege of Pharmacy
NORDQUIST, DanOffice of Grant & Research Development
OGLESBEE, BrettCollege of Medicine
OWEN, AmandaFinance and Administration, Contracts Office
PAPPU, SitaOffice of Commercialization
PEARSON, StacyFinance and Administration
PILLAY, SasiInformation Technology Services
POESY, RandalPurchasing Services
RICE, ErinInternational Programs
ROBERTS, KennethCollege of Medicine
ROGERS, Eric Purchasing Services
ROLL, JohnCollege of Medicine
SALA, EdwardUniversity Publishing
SCHULZ, Kirk H.Office of the President
SENTER, AngelaCollege of Business
SHAHEEN, JohnTransportation Services
SHUFFIELD, BrianStudent Involvement and Leadership
SINNOTT, DamienWSU Tri-Cities
SKINNER, Matthew A.Finance and Administration
SLOCUM, EricFacilities Operations
SMALL, KimController's Office, Sponsored Programs Services
ST.CLAIR, CaseyController's Office, Sponsored Programs Services
THOMPSON, LeslieAcademic Outreach and Innovation
VALENTER, Lynn WSU Vancouver 
WHITE, RaymondWSU Tri-Cities
WISER, BrandyIntercollegiate Athletics
WYATT, BrianneProfessional Education
YANG, OliviaFacilities Services