Washington State University Forms/Templates


These contract templates are provided solely for your convenience. They may only be used when following the proper contracting process as set forth in BPPM 10.11. Further, only individuals with specific delegated contract authority pursuant to BPPM 10.10 are authorized to execute contracts on behalf of the University.

For assistance with Cobblestone, please refer to Finance & Administration Information Systems’ (FAIS) website, https://cobblestone.fais.wsu.edu/

Updated: 7/9/2019 HD

Administrative Forms

Supporting Documents Cheat Sheet -this document walks you through which supporting documents are required for certain agreements.
Contract Review Sheet – (standard for all contracts except Real Estate contracts)

Real Property Request Form (real-property-request-form)

*If the Real Property Request Form is completed a Contract Review Sheet is not required.

SAAM 10.10.55
– Justification For Use of Non-State Facility

Affiliation & Internship Agreements

Affiliation & Internship Agreements
Contract Number
General Medical Internshipunassigned
General Non-Medical Internshipunassigned
CAHNRS Student Internshipunassigned
Center for Advising and Career Development: General Internship Templateunassigned
College of Educationvarious
College of Education - Athletic Training
College of Education - Vancouvervarious
Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology - Counseling Psychology Practicum
Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology - Community Counseling19583
Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology - School Counseling19584
Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology - School District Principal Certification/Superintendent Certification19584
Health and Wellness - Business Associate Agreement Templateunassigned
Health Policy & Administration Medical 16566
Health Policy & Administration Non-Medical 16566
Human Development6396
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Medical Internship17398
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Non-Medical Internship17398
Nursing Medical Internship6408
Nursing Non-Medical Internship6408
Pharmacy Medical Internship 5364
Pharmacy Non-Medical Internship5364
Pharmacy Master Internship Agreementunassigned
Psychology Medical Internship12295
Psychology WSU Vancouver 12295
Speech and Hearing Sciences Medical6624
Speech and Hearing Sciences Non-Medical6624
Template Affiliation for WSU to Accept Medical Internsunassigned
Vet Teaching Hospital17534
Vet Teaching Hospital Amendment17534
Viticulture and Enology Affiliation Templateunassigned

Facilities Use/Hotel Agreements

Facilities Use/Hotel Agreements
Contract Number
Battle Ground School District
Ensminger Pavillion (External User)24897
Ensminger Pavillion (Internal User)15074
Gladish Community Center Agreement15074
NWREC Ag Tech Bldg - EXTERNAL User (non-WSU)15074
Ross Point Camp & Conference Center15180
TRAC Center15074
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) - Event Center15074
Spokane Convention Center15074
Washington State Horse Park15074
General Template -
(Long-Term or Recurring Use)
General Template - (Short-Term)15074
General Template - (Off-Campus Non-WSU Long-Term);
Off-Campus Non-WSU Long-Term Specific to 4-H & Extension
General Template - (Off-Campus Non-WSU Short-Term)15074
WSU Extension - Facilities Use Agreement for Short-Term Use
Panhandle Lake 4-H Camp
Red Lion Group Sales Agreement15180
Residence Inn Marriott - WSU Pullman - Facilities Use
Residence Inn Marriott - WSU Pullman - Lodging
Courtyard Marriott - WSU Pullman - Facilities Use
Courtyard Marriott - WSU Pullman - Lodging
Mirabeau Park Hotel Agreement15180
Visitor Center - Internal User (WSU Entities)21258
Visitor Center - External User (Non-WSU)21258

General Templates

General Templates
Addendum - Basic Addendum Template
Amendment - Basic Amendment Template
Amendment - Term Extension
Assignment & Assumption
ATM License Agreement
Basic Terms & Conditions Agreement
Bill of Sale
Contractor Agreement
Equipment Rental Agreement
Gift in Place Contract
Interagency Agreement Template
Master Gardener MOA Template -General
Master Gardener MOA Template - Demonstration Garden
Museum Loan Agreement Template - Non Student Lender
Museum Loan Agreement Template - Off Campus Lender
Museum Loan Agreement Template - Student Lender
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
PATH Horse Lease Agreement
Performance/Speaker Agreement With Reservation Fee
Performance/Speaker Agreement Without Reservation Fee
Performance/Speaker Agreement Rider to Artist Contract
Personal Services

Right of Access Agreement (Template)
Sponsorship Agreement
Standard Contract Addendum
Sample Service Center Agreement
Tent and Equipment Rental Agreement
UREC Youth Programs Waiver
Use and Release of Likenesses
WSU Revenue Contract
CPCNW Proprietary Material Distribution Authorization
CPCNW Proprietary Material Retention Agreement
Professional Editing Service Center Template

Master Agreements