Washington State University Decision Tree -- Glossary of Terms

Decision Tree — Glossary of Terms

Affiliation Agreement – a contract between a WSU college/department and a third party (public or private) setting forth the terms and conditions of a WSU student internship or clinical practicum for college credits.

Academic Agreement – any contract addressing the business or financial aspects of an academic-related matter, such as an agreement by WSU to reduce tuition in exchange for other benefits or services received; typically approved by the Provost’s Office in addition to Business & Finance.

Interagency/Interlocal Agreement – a contract for goods or services between two Washington public agencies or governmental units (at the local, regional or state level), or between a Washington public agency and an agency from another state, or between a Washington public agency and an agency of the federal government, or a contract between multiple public agencies establishing a consortium comprised of the agencies for the purposes of providing a service that is not offered by or available from one agency alone (this latter type of interagency agreement must be filed with the auditor of the county in which it is executed)

Real Estate Lease or Sale – a contract covering the sale of WSU real property to a third party, or WSU’s purchase of real property from a third party, or a contract covering WSU’s rental or lease of property from a third party

Beasley Performance Agreement – a contract covering a performance or entertainment-type event held at the Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum

Facilities Use Agreements – a contract covering the lease or rental of WSU property by another, either an internal WSU unit or outside third party

Extension/Master Gardener Agreements – a contract entered into by local Extension Offices which supports the mission of WSU Extension and/or the Master Gardener Program

Contact the Contracts Office at the Office of Business & Finance with any questions as to whether a specific contract should be processed through Business & Finance.

Hotel/Catering/Cruise/Camp/Retreat Agreements – any contract committing WSU resources for official university department/unit functions; The Professional Education division of the Center for Distance and Professional Education also processes and executes these agreements for departments (for a fee)

Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements – a contract setting forth the terms and conditions under which WSU can agree to maintain confidentiality of certain matters in a legal relationship; agreements must be subject to the Washington Public Records Act; if these agreements are related to research or other scholarly activities, they are processed by OGRD

Equipment Lease or Sale Agreements – contracts covering WSU-owned equipment that is sold or leased to a third party; the Purchasing Services Department processes Equipment Leases and corresponding Maintenance Agreements for equipment (such as copiers and fax machines) that WSU leases from a third party

Museum Loan Agreements – contracts addressing the loan of artistic work(s) by an artist to the WSU Museum of Art, or the loan of WSU-owned artistic work(s) to a third party

Purchased Services – contracts more repetitive, routine or mechanical in nature, following established or standardized procedures, and typically involving completion of an assigned task rather than an entire project, and which contribute to the day-to-day operations of WSU as opposed to the management and policy side.

Personal Services – contracts for professional or technical services provided by an individual with specialized knowledge, skills or experience, to accomplish a specific study, project, task or other work statement, in which professional opinions, judgments or recommendations are rendered to WSU.

Miscellaneous Administrative or Business Agreements – any contract not falling within the above described categories, but nevertheless dealing with the business or financial affairs of the university.