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  • April 2018: The Contracts Office has implemented new contract management software: Cobblestone.  This system will be rolled out in phases, which will eventually require client departments to submit requests to the Contracts Office via this system.  For Cobblestone help, refer to Finance and Administration Information Systems’ (FAIS) website, https://cobblestone.fais.wsu.edu/.
  • March 2018: The Contracts Office has implemented new processes for receiving and reviewing contracts.
    All new projects should be submitted to contracts.intake@wsu.edu, along with all required supporting documents.
    WSU departments have been renting space at the Gladish Community Center and SEL more frequently. To streamline the process, the Contracts Offiice has negotiated a Master Agreement with Gladish and SEL containing terms and conditions governing WSU’s use of these facilities. These agreements appplies to University functions only. RSO’s and other student groups are not covered under these agreements.

    • To Make a reservation with Gladish Community Center (509) 332-8081 or SEL (509) 334-5050 contact them for rental rates, dates, times, and space available. Note that an order is required to complete your reservation.
    • A Departmental Order will be accepted for rentals up to $3,500. Fax your Departmental Order directly to Gladish Community Center at (509) 332-6278 or to SEL at (509)-334-0473.
    • Rentals over $3,500 need to be directed to Purchasing Services with a Departmental Requisition for issurance of a Purchase Order. Note that this process for Gladish or SEL is a change from the standard procedures for renting facilities, which are usually processed through the Office of Business and Finance per BPPM 10.11.
    • All orders must refer to the “Gladish Master Agreement – C15074“, or the SEL Master Agreement – C15074.
    • All orders must specify the dates and times of use and fee charged.
    The Contracts Office periodically provides training to Departments related to processing contracts at Washington State University. If your department is interested in receiving training, please contact Amanda Owen, Contracts Manager at 355-7739.
    Are you looking to contract with outside (non-state) facilities for your meetings or conferences? SAAM 10.10.55 requires that state agencies must give preference to locations at state or other public facilities (such as local government) when meetings or conferences are necessary. If a non-state facility is used, the department must submit, in writing, a justification as to why a non-state facility has been chosen. See http://www.ofm.wa.gov/policy/10.10.htm#10.10.55
    The justification should include the following:

    • Purpose/objective of meeting
    • Name of organizations or persons expected to attend
    • Estimated cost to University including travel
    • Why state-owned institution cannot be used

    Please refer to our Forms section for a SAAM 10.10.55 form.

    State agencies are required to give first priority to state-owned or state-leased barrier-free facilities in place of renting or leasing other facilities.  The List of state-owned or state-leased barrier-free facilities is no longer available.  For more information on state-owned or state-leased barrier-free facilities, please visit the Department of Enterprise Services website at https://des.wa.gov/services/facilities-leasing/public-works-design-construction/state-agencies-and-educational-facilities/barrier-free-facilities

Updated 4/16/2018